Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Reading Library Craftivities for Children Ages 3 and Up 2011

Supplies Used:  Brown cardstock, pom poms, dark crayons/markers, glue/tape, stickers and glittery foam sheet pieces. 
1. Fold the brown card stock into a cone/funnel shape and glue/tape the ends together so that the ends of the cone stay in place.  
2. Pom poms are stuffed in the top of the cone to resemble ice cream scoops. Tape is used around the top edges to make the pom poms stick in the cone.
3. The children used crayons and stickers to decorate their cones. They used glitter to add some sparkle to their pom pom scoops. 
4.  Enjoy the paper ice cream cone!

Paper Swimming Pool Dioramas

Supplies Needed:  White construction paper, sky blue tissue paper, pieces of cardstock, foam shapes, scissors, glue/tape, markers/crayons & stickers.

Steps to Follow:
1. The children glued sky blue tissue paper on white construction paper. They glued the tissue paper within a big circle to create an image of a pool. 

2. They glued on folded pieces of card stock around the edges of the pool to resemble chairs and chaise lounges.

3. Paper dolls cut from cardstock were used as human figures swimming or laying out by the pool.  The paper dolls were glued/taped onto or around the pool. 

4. Foam shapes were used for bathing suits and pool floats and were all attached to the diorama accordingly.

5. White folded paper was used for the diving board and stickers were used for accessories such as sunglasses. 

6. The children colored and drew other elements as well, such as a life guard sign or a welcome sign. 

Enjoy the swimming pools created by the children at the library posted below!

ZigZag Transportation Books

Supplies Needed: Cardstock,  glittery foam sheets, cotton/white yarn, stickers, crayons/markers, glue/tape & scissors. 

Steps Followed:
1. Card stock was folded into a zigzag accordian style.

2,  The children decorated each page or section with glittery foam stickers that were shaped in modes of transportation shapes, such as planes, boats, cars, trains, etc. (Some craft stores sell precut foam shapes, but the foam shapes used for this craft were cut from glittery sheets of foam using scissors.)

3. Cotton or white yarn was used to make clouds.

4.  The children embellished each mode of transportation by coloring in more designs and using stickers.

5. The children added to the scenery by drawing in road features, such as stop signs, train tracks, arrows, steam for the choo-choo train, clouds around the airplane, etc. 

 The idea of a zigzag transportation booklet is that vehicles travel in different directions and sometimes vehicles can move in zigzag directions all over the place. For example, up and down for a hot air balloon, back and forth for a car and train, up and forward for a plane, etc. 

Enjoy the zigzag books created below!

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